Tuesday, May 12, 2009

La Sierra de la Giganta

3 May 2009
Approaching la Sierra de la Giganta, to the north. It rises from the sea, this mountain chain, a great layer cake of pinks and reds and blacks and purples. The highest peaks resemble pyramids, rising from great rock walls. I think we are drawn to these mountains because they resemble human creations; Marike says they house old souls. I agree; I think we want to imagine, when we look at these stones, ancestors who were giants, their souls still streaming into the sky.

It is a hot still day; the sea nearly flat, the surface broken by tiny waves. We see sea lions fishing and swimming on the surface, rolling, showing their flippers. And further on, a whale and dolphins whirl, chasing a vast school of fish towards land.

La Sierra de la Giganta, two views

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