Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Where we go from here

It may look like the clock has run out on the Visible Poetry blog, that I've lost interest or given up on it.  But appearances do deceive! 

I've moved newer entries (and a few old favourites) over to an easier to use and better supported wordpress site here: https://visiblepoetry.wordpress.com/

But the complete pre-2018 blog archive remains here on blogspot, along with a valuable record of reader responses.  

Since April 2009, when I began to this blog as an experiment in in verbal and visual poetry, and in logging environmental and literary observations from both land and sea, I've published more than 250 entries, logged more than 75,000 hits, published two books and developed a number of exhibitions, lectures and art-based practices from work initiated on this site.

Thanks to you and your encouragement, Visible Poetry is alive and well continues!  

Please do visit the wordpress site, especially if you're craving new images, insights and entries. See you there!

Yes, that's https://visiblepoetry.wordpress.com/