Sunday, January 13, 2013

Items Encountered in an Archive

scribbles sketches notes laundry lists love letters bills negatives pins photographs chairs heartbreak sorrow silly joy sheet music eye infection envelopes drawings paintings stitching clothespins rhymes wine stains examples of the colonial everyday the march of the zoaves money coins hate letters contracts empty notebooks reading notes glasses cigarette burns the smell of smoke lyrics instructions for new regimes of hygiene lists of names soap burma shave jingles yarn needlepoint brooches picture frames wine stains water damage evidence of mice insects ink spatters a bit of egg damnation pencils a pricked finger stop a drop of real blood

a sonatina followed by another is a sonatina played upon the ivory.
alone I mean.
can tickle we
can tickle

Hinky Dinky
Parley Voo
Cheer up face
The war
Is thru

how's this for economy
how much there is for you in me

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