Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Not Having One Without the Other

That's one pair. Here are others: no visible light without shade to frame its contours, no life worth living without the companionship of and consciousness of death, no love, as Vicki Hearne puts it in writing about animal training, "without teeth."

I am writing a poetic note here, one that would deserve philosophical elaboration. That too will come, given time enough. But soon.

For now I am musing on this line: "Horror stories are told to relieve the teller of the burden of judgment."  Also Vicki Hearne on dogs.  She seems, I'd say, utterly right.

How do you tell a hard story so as to put horror in its place, firmly, rather than running amuck in the world?
That will be my next job here.

Horror and cowardice.  They are also companion pieces.

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  1. I see an opportunity opening up for you and someone else very dear to me to pursue some of this elaboration. You seem both to share a next job. More anon.