Friday, November 15, 2013

You'll be added at this scourge

Now of course nicely waited
I'd warmed dinner & we were looking

(good for lobsters, good for sea)
Don't you think

all's well?  We can't wait;
doing extensive repairs and sailing.

How close to horde quarters for shower and quiet?
That has its virtues--getting the laundry flapping.

Exactly. Weird tides is all.
With eucalyptus oil.

We made the cake to see this story?
This blurry zone, this loosened, fallen state?

My mind was missing.
We made the New Year ahead of me.

What did you?
#24 It's a rainy night (this was delicious, too).

How great is perfumed.
We had a happy stroll in the year here

(aw shucks guys, thanks so much for
cloud cover).

Now I long for sunlight, for blue sky, and for
love right back to a sabbatical and yes

still, enough, to feel sharp & happy!

It's up and back yesterday
the water is very far.

Did we feel as clear as spies in the garage?
(I'm home!)

Bring it in the new front window. Rain.
You'll be added at this scourge--

breakfast on the windowsills, waves shooting up
Funny, that's how far out to sea?


Phrases in this piece were generated by the Karinbot in What Would I Say, a program developed by a group of graduate students at the Princeton Hackathon last weekend.  Designed to pick up and regurgitate randomized bits of one's facebook posts, What Would I Say indexes one's major preoccupations--mine, unsurprisingly, include rain, the boat, the sea, food, psychology and politics. To develop this poem, I used What Would I Say to generate approximately 40 "posts," which I then stripped of excess verbiage and political content, and ordered (more or less as they emerged) in these conversational couplets. To try this program yourself, go to
For more information on the What Would I Say phenomenon, see Ian Crouch's New Yorker post:
Photos are from my archives; they were taken in 2009 or 2010 in West Quoddy, Halifax, Spry Bay and Mexico.

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